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Ottawa-based spoken word and hip-hop group Missing LinX is celebrated for its daring, esoteric and genre-bending approach to lyrical potency, by blending the density and meaningfulness of spoken word poetry with the raw energy, charisma and verbal dexterity typified by the best of hip-hop music. Missing LinX–comprised of members Just Jamaal ThePoet, Cannon2x, Prufrock and Cheko Salaam–have opened up a trove of limitless creative potential and malleability. As such, the group is celebrated not just for its contributions to the world’s spoken word communities, but its ability to take the social and political potency of hip hop music and push it into authentically futuristic territory, without dishonoring its past.

Missing LinX is a genuinely unique mix of creative forces. Each of the group’s members proves himself consistently unafraid to use the wealth of his experiences, ancestral histories, triumphs, tragedies and personal struggles to carve out a distinct and fiercely autonomous creative space. When brought together, these four men harness a remarkable depth of collective energy and an ever-ambitious approach to poetry, story-telling, musicality and performance.
For these approaches, the group’s debut album, RIP Charlie–released in 2012–represented an eclectic, diverse and ultimately well-appreciated interpretation of hip-hop’s fluidity, force and candeur.

In the years between the release of RIP Charlie and the summer 2018 release of the group’s much-anticipated follow-up, SpaXe Camels, each member of the group has deepened their devotion to their artistry and extended the range of their profound personal experiences.

As importantly as all of this, particularly for their fans throughout Canada, Missing LinX has managed to maintain the collective spirit and special creative spark they’ve been known for since they burst onto the scene at the 2011 Canadian Festival of Spoken Word. It is this unity of spirit, paired with a common desire to innovate and interrogate the boundaries of spoken word and hip-hop, that makes Missing LinX so important. For lovers of lyricism and creative diversity, Missing LinX represents a welcome and necessary voice.

For the globe-trotting members of the group, most any terrain is an apt place for a powerful performance of poetry and hip-hop. Just as importantly, though: the esoteric and enduring spirituality of the group seems to remind its listeners of music’s capacity to take us beyond this world and this planet. With every performance, song, and album, Missing LinX fearlessly reminds its audiences of the vastness and beauty of the human imagination, the uncolonized mind, and the realms of SpaXe.


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